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Your Private Run Group, Any Track in the North East
Contact us to book your private event!

Private Instruction - Any track!
Private Instruction - Any track!
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Make all your track day come true.



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Want to become an Apextradamas?


Whether you are a Novice, Intermediate or Advanced driver, you are openly invited to smash, careen, and demolish any and all apexes at our events. Come hone your skills, heck grab a licensed instructor to aid in your apex smashing fantasies.

Book a private run group for you and your friends! Or, hire a private coach for a day of one-on-one in car instruction!

About Us

We're a core group of seriously Apex Obsessed track day enthusiasts.

For the past ~15 years, we've spent countless weekends at tracks across America. We want to share what we've learned and the enjoyment of pure track day fun with you!
What is Apex Obsessed?

We offer two ways to advance your track day skills.
1) A High Performance Driver's Education (HPDE) privately instructed run groups for groups of 8-10 at tracks across the North East. Includes chalk talk sessions and a coach for the group.
2) One on one private instruction with a licensed instructor anywhere you desire.

If you're looking to advance your track day skills, we've got you covered! This is your chance to explore the limits of you and your vehicle in a safe, controlled environment.

Are you Apex Obsessed?

Yes? Then you are in the right place.       

No? You are about to be.                           

At Apex Obsessed, one event is all you'll 

need to catch the itch.                              

Sign up and enjoy your new obsession.   

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