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Stuff You Need To Know

What To Expect

A heck of a lot of fun and track time! Whether it is your first event, or you are a seasoned apexing veteran, you can expect to have a safe time with loads of like minded individuals pushing themselves and their vehicles to their limits!

The day starts early. Like, really early. We need everyone to be on site by 8AM the absolute latest. If you can be there earlier, please do so. Tech will begin at 7am and frankly, if we cannot tech your car before the first session (sessions start at 9am), you’ll miss it. Speed things up by completing your tech form at home and bringing it with ya to the track!

Driver’s meeting at 8:30AM. Again, if you miss this meeting, you won’t be allowed out on track for any of the morning sessions :’(. We don’t want that as much as you don’t want that! If you are late, see one of our friendly staff and let them know. They’ll provide you with a meeting during the Noon lunch break and you’ll be allowed to run the afternoon sessions.

Novice Run Group*: If this is your first track event, awesome! If you have done a few but are not comfortable with being in a faster/more experience run group yet, kudos for knowing and staying within your comfort level! This is a very, very positive thing when it comes to track days! As a novice, your first session will be strictly a lead/follow session behind the pace car. This will give you the chance to see the track, the flaggers station locations, the dedicated passing zones and the proper racing line. After the pace car lap session, all novices will report back to the booth for some follow up instruction and Q&A with your Novice Coach. Novice group will continue to meet with the Novice Coach after each AM session.

On track rules for the Novice run group include only passing in the designated passing zones. They will be clearly marked on track. Passing is performed by point-bys only. Don’t know what a point by is? No worries, we’ll cover that in the driver’s meeting :).

Intermediate Run Group*: We expect you guys to know the typical rules and regs for the day, so nothing should come as a surprise during our 8:30AM driver’s meeting. Passing will be by point-by only and only in the designated passing zones, which will be clearly marked on track. Our coaches will be at the ready all day long for you to pick their brains about track driving and techniques! Feel free to utilise them to the fullest extent! Intermediate drivers are welcome to have Advanced level drivers ride shotgun and provide some in-car feedback.

Advanced Run Group*: Seasoned apexperts! You know your way around this ol’ ship. But, should you desire some pointers, our coaches are here to answer any and all questions! We come with loads of experience, so don’t hesitate! Passing rules are simple, point-bys only, one point per car, and passing is allowed anywhere but please, please no side by side at mid-corner. This is not racing and as such all passes must be completed safely, controlled, and prior to mid-corner. Did we say this is not racing, because this is not racing. Advanced drivers are welcome to ride-along with Intermediate class drivers, as well as take Intermediate run group drivers out for a session. However, please bare in mind taking someone out with you is NOT a time to show off, it is purely for a learning experience.

*If for any reason you wish to change your run group throughout the day, please notify one of our staff! If you are a novice who feels ready to move to intermediate, awesome! Let’s make it happen! If you are an advanced and feel like you may be more comfortable in intermediate, yes! Let’s do it! But please, see one of the employees first and we’ll getchya moved to the class you are most comfortable with.

Volunteers: Did we just become best friends?!? We can always use some extra hands with tech, check-in, and various other dealings with throughout the day. Bless your magnificent petrol pumping soul if ya wanna just come and hang out, see some cool cars and lend a helping hand. Contact us ahead of the event if you are interested in helping out and we’ll getchya setup!

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