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Stuff You Need To Know

The Daily Program/Schedule

The day starts at precisely 80mph O'clock.

Wait, that can't be right. Generally, there are 3 run groups, and the on track running time goes from 9AM - Noon, Lunch break, 1PM - 5PM. Each run group has 20 minute sessions*.

9:00am Novice Pace laps - follow by Q&A meeting 9:20am Intermediate 9:40am Advanced

10:00am Novice 10:20am Intermediate

10:40am Advanced

11:00am Novice 11:20am Intermediate

11:40am Advanced

Noon Lunch Break

1:00pm Novice 1:20pm Intermediate

1:40m Advanced

2:00pm Novice 2:20pm Intermediate

2:40pm Advanced

3:00pm Novice 3:20pm Intermediate

3:40pm Advanced

4:00pm Novice 4:20pm Intermediate

4:40pm Advanced

*Schedule subject to change based on weather and track incidents. We will do everything we can to assure everyone gets as much track time as possible!

The lunch break is a great time to fuel up, check the car over as you grab a bite and BS with your fellow ApexObsess-ors.


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