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Stuff You Need To Know

Rules and Regs

Participant Eligibility All participants must be 18 or over and hold a valid driver’s license. Licenses will be checked at each event, so please tape it to your hand the night before the event to ensure it makes it’s way to the track with you. Unfortunately, no valid license will mean no driving that day. No exceptions.

All drivers are required to attend the morning driver’s meeting. We know, it’s early, but we want everyone to be on the same page for the day’s rules and schedule, so bring coffee, lots of coffee. Failure to attend this meeting will cause you to miss the first half of the day’s running, and that would suck. Inform the event lead before the lunch break so you may be given a driver’s meeting during lunch in order to hit the track for all the afternoon sessions.

Vehicle Eligibility Apex Obsessed events are open to awesome street vehicles and dedicated racing cars that meet or exceed our safety and noise standards. Purpose built racekarrs or vehicles that are heavily modified must request approval to participate in the event. Aftermarket roll bars/roll over protection must be approved prior to taking the track. If you have paperwork to go with the fancy roll bar showing it is approved for another series, bring it with you!

All vehicles must have functioning brake lights as well as adequate tires and brakes. Slicks are A-okay, but bald tires are not. SUVs that do not present a roll over risk (i.e., are wider than they are tall) are allowed for you brave soles that want to punish a grocery gett’r. Convertibles must have factory roll over protection or approved aftermarket roll bars. Convertible occupants must pass the ‘broomstick’ test with helmets on.


Each track has a different rule set but generally anything under 90db is acceptable. Make sure your car is under the sound limit prior to the event. If your car exceeds the sound limit you will not be allowed to take part in the event and will not be eligible for a refund. Open headers are probably not a good idea.

Alcohol and Controlled Substances Alcohol or other substances are strictly forbidden prior to any on track activities. This includes, but is not limited to, medication and prescriptions that expressly forbid operating vehicles or heavy machinery.

Passengers/Instructors Highly encouraged! As long as the passenger/instructor is registered for the event they are welcome to ride along with you during your sessions. At Apex Obsessed, we believe strongly in the benefits of driver instruction. We recommend you utilized a registered and certified driver coach by the MFS (PROVIDE LINK).

Aside; the role of taking a passenger for a ride is to help you drive better. It is NOT, and please don’t make this you, to impress the person sitting next to you. The passenger should be someone who can provide constructive feedback, like a certified driver coach. Always remember, your passengers safety is in your hands: dude, don’t be stupid.

At NJMP, no passengers or instructors are permitted unless they are a certified driver coach; this is a NJ law.

Cameras Heck yeah! Bring’em! Just makes sure that if they are on the outside of the vehicle they are securely mounted and tethered. If they are inside the vehicle, be sure they are mounted as solidly as possible. Youtubes the heck out of those sweet vids, and tag us, #ApexObsessed, while you’re at it! Even better, bring a laptop/tablet and critique your runs between sessions! Cameras can be an excellent tool to improve your driving!

Weather What, you scared of a lil’ rain? Some of the best driving days of our lives have be on track in the rain! We’re a rain or shine event, so be prepared! Only in the event of extreme weather (hurricane, lightning storm, etc) will the event be cancelled and refunds given. You will be notified prior to the event if at all possible.

Guests/pets Free! Any guest of the registered driver is permitted free of charge! Really, anyone, Uncle Fred, your pizza delivery guy, Me-mah, wives, mistresses, whoever you fancy! Please check track rules for furry friend eligibility though.

Safety Gear Helmets are 100% required and must meet one of the current applicable Snell, FIA or SFI standards. If you have a older helmet that does not have one of the following listed standards, the stale sweat smell alone should be reason enough to buy a new one with updated rating.

Snell ratings: SA2015, SAH2015, SA2010, SAH2010, M2015, M2010 SFI ratings 31.1, 31.1A, 3.12, 31.2A, 41.1, 41.1A, 41.2, 41.2A, 24.1 FIA: 8860-2010, 8860-2015 No open toe shoes permitted.

Pants and long sleeves are generally a good idea. They are not required at every track, but bring a pair of each with you just in case.


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